Partial inspections & others

Due to our years of experience, there is a lot more we can offer for ship owners, insurance companies and financial institutions.

Below you find a non-conclusive list of services we provide:

Particial inspections

Sometimes a particial inspection will do:

  • ​Gas Inspection - we are an HISWA certified gas inspection company. Therefore we can give you a certificate of apporval after a gas inspection valid for 3 years. 

  • Leak detection - ​we search the ship with specialised equipment to check the density of the windows, doors, fuel tanks, holds, ...

  • Engine inspection we test the engine on its condition, its performance, its maintenance,The engine test can be expended with an oil analysis, compression testing or an endoscopy.

  • Osmose vochtmeting - we measure the PH value to detect osmosis, do a visual inspection and other moisture measurements to detect moisture problems. 

  • Trial run - you get the best indication of the condition and performance of a ship while steering it. That is why we advise every buyer to take the boat for a trial run with an expert. We check the boat's behaviour, the navigation tools, the engine, the anchor, ... 

  • Thermografic heath measurements - it allows us to evaluate the engine without having to dismantle it completely. The methode used gives us the opportunity to detect early wear of the engine and disappointments afterwards.

  • Ultrasone skin thickness measurements - this partial inspection is often done on steal and aluminium yachts. It gives an insight of the thickness of the hull without damaging the paint. We focus on the part below the surface, the helm and the propeller.



Construction supervision

You ordered a new ship or a refit on an exiting one? Let us help you to make this a great experience.

We help you to list all your demands, follow-up the progress and do a delivery survey before delivery. 

Technical advice

With our technical advice, we focus on the productivity, the necessity of refit and the identification and resolving of the problems at hand. With our advice, we hope to prevent high costs, speed up processes, lower costs,...

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