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Delivery survey

You are about to buy a sailboat, yacht or boathouse? Or you expect a newbuild ship? Than we can highly recommend a delivery survey. This will give you a detailed and objective description of the yacht and can prevent a bad buy or disappointment afterwards.

expertise en onderhandeling in de maritiem

Expertise & Mediation

You experienced some damage to your yacht? You disagree with the expertise results of the counter party? Or are you looking for a mediator in a case? Well, you found your perfect partners. INS-surveyors are experienced surveyors when it comes to expertises or mediation. 


De value of sailboats, housboats and yachts depend on the condition of the ship, the maintenance and the market isituation. If you are looking for a competitive and realistic valuation, you can count on us. 

Transport vanboten

Transport & 

Learn to navigate

Both short and long distance transport of your yacht needs accurate planning and management. Do you plan on moving your yacht from A to B, contact our specialists. They will help you out whenever they can.

Being a captain is more than having a license. Are you in for some navigation training? Let us know, we like to help.

Partial inspections & others 

Partial inspections, construction supervision or technical advice. These are just some of our other services for which you can count on us.

Whatever your yacht survey question might be, let us know. 


We can probably help you out.