Frequent Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Why should you rely on a professional surveyor when buying a yacht?

A professional surveyor gives you an objective and professional insight on the quality, maintenance and market value of the yacht you want to buy. He can rule out emotional factors and knows how the yacht market behaves at a certain moment in time. Relying on a professional surveyor avoids disappointments afterwards.

Are all surveyors equally qualified?

No! The title of 'surveyor' is not protected by a certain degree or certificate. Everyone can call him or herself a surveyor. Therefore it is very important to ask for references and HISWA or EMCI-certificates. All our surveyors have a HISWA-delivery service certificate which ensures you the quality of our services. Moreover we have numerous other certificates of EMCI, are known as legal valuator, work for the court of commerce,... You can find all our certifications on our website.

How long does a survey take?

It all depends on the location, the type of yacht and the type of survey that needs to be done. When you call or mail us with your question, we will give you an estimation of the time necessary.

Is an INS survey report sufficient for an insurance company?

Yes it is! Due to our many years of experience, we know exactly what an insurance company wants to know and how the survey should be structured. Due to our certification, all insurance and financial institutions will accept our survey.