Expertise & Mediation

You experienced some damage to your yacht?

You disagree with the expertise results of the counter party?

Or are you looking for a mediator in a case?  

Than you are in need of an independent, objective expert with the necessary technical knowledge and experience.

Our experts are certified by several organisations to ensure high-quality and interpersonal skills to excell in each assigment.

Damage expertise

Whether you represent an insurance company or a yacht owener, you can count on us!

Wherever your ship might be, we help you out!

The process of a damage expertise:

  • The damage is determined immediately;

  • The counter party is held liable;

  • Assistance is provided;

  • If necessary, a contra expertise is done;

  • The reparation plan is reviewed;

  • Photo's are taken and a report is made;

  • The repairs on the yacht are checked out.

Contra expertise

When you disagree with the insurance company or the expertise report of the counter party in a case, you can call your own expert to do a contra expertise.

The faster you contact your own expert to defend your interests, the better your interests can be defended and the better chance for a good outcome.

It is crucial to gather as much information as possible from the moment the damage happens untill the contra expert takes over. Telephone calls, mails, pictures,...everything can help to build your case.

Court expertise

When your case goes to court, you need court specified documents to defend your case.

Due to our years of experience, we know exactly what is expected. Our objective and independent valuation and damage report can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Therefore, contact one of our experienced experts and rely on our expertise in court. 




When there cannot be found an agreement on a valuation or damage report, a meditor can be a solution.

First of all, the mediator listens to all the involved parties and maps all the relevant stakes of each party.

Based on this list, the mediator leads all stakeholders to possible solutions. The mediator is independent, objective and focussed on the result without being influenced by personal interests, ego or believes.

Our mediators can be booked for disagreements on the delivery of a yacht, after repairs or rentals of a ship. 

The faster you involve a mediator, the higher the chance for succes.

So please do not hesitate to call.