Delivery survey

You are about to buy or sell a yacht? Think about contacting a delivery surveyor!

When you buy a ship, you want to be sure that the ship is as good as it looks. A delivery survey avoids disappointments or unwelcome suprises afterwards.

As a vendor, the delivery survey report is an extra sales asset. It gives the potential buyer an independent report on the quality and features of the ship. Furthermore, it avoids price discussions as the price is back by a market survey in the report.    

During the delivery survey, the yacht is checked for almost 300 points among which:

  • the condition of the hull by using skin thickness measurements and osmosis moisture measurements; 

  • the paint up and under the water surface;

  • deck and top structure;

  • the engine (propeller and helm included);

  • the technical installation (electrical system, toilet, heating system, gas installation, airconditioning,..);

  • the navigation and board instruments;

  • the safety and livesaving equipement.

A valuation and osmosis moisture measurement are included.

When the subject of survey is a steal or aluminium ship, a skin thickness measurement is foreseen. 


The thorough survey reveals wear and small damages to both buyer and seller. When requested, we included a rough estimation of the repair or replacement costs.

Directly after the survey, our client receives an oral briefing. A few days later, the written version is sent by mail.

When the survey is done in the Netherlands, our client receives a HISWA standard delivery survey report.