Knowing the correct price of your yacht can come in handy in several occasions. Think about getting a loan, an insurance, a divorce, a legacy or a dispute. When you get 'the price' for your yacht, you want to make sure it is a correct price, estimated by professionals.

But how to detect if you have a professional at hand?

Well, all our experts are member of VRT, HISWA and EMCI which garantuees our quality of work.


A valuation of a yacht gives the value of the yacht based on the condition of the ship, the maintenance done, a risk analysis and a market research. Most often, a valuation is a part of a delivery survey but can be done seperately too. 

When valuation reports come in handy:

  • Buy or sell a ship

  • Get a loan to buy or refit a ship

  • Get an insurance

  • A divorce is looming

  • Shared property

  • Legacy

  • Backrupcy

  • Import

Below you can find some more information on the reasons to order a valuation on a yacht.

Get a loan

When you want to buy a yacht with the help from the bank, they will ask a competitive valuation of the yacht.

We, as valuation experts, will focus on 2 values: the replacement value and the after sales value. The replacement value is the real value of the ship on the day of the valuation. The after sales value is the value of the ship when a you are forced to resell the boat after 3 to 6 months. It is a percentage of the day value, depending on the type of ship and the economic situation.

A valuation report contains a detailed description of the boat, its options, the interior and its equipment on board.


You will need an insurance for your yacht. To make sure the policy is correct, you need a correct valuation. A lower coverage can cause major disappointments in case of damage, a coverage that is over the top, will costs a lot of money and leads to nothing. 


Be aware that a valuation is not only interesting when buying a new yacht, but also when refits are done. Imagine you change the motor of your yacht because the old one was to damaged to repair. This refit will change the value of your ship, has an impact on your insurance so should be valued by an expert. 

You can count on us for both valuations of the whole yacht or in case of refits and repairs.

We advice you to book a valuation every 5 years to make sure your insurance policy stays in line with the real value of your ship.

Seperation of goods


When you are involved in an act of seperation of goods, all relevant stakeholders benefit from a correct valuation.

The valuation of a ship or yacht can be done for one or more stakeholders.

Our independent, certificied specialists make sure the valuation is done in a serene way.


When the estate is divided among the heirs, a correct valuation helps to avoid discussions and brings clarity.

An objective and independent experts is not emotionally involved and can will value the yacht based on the condition, maintenance and market situation.

An EMCI gecertified valuator delivers a thorough written report to make sure all stakeholders have the same information.

Do you have questions about valuation?