Water, yachts, sailboats, harbours,...it's our world today, it was our world in the past and will always be.

Each day we start with the same passion for yachts as the day we started over 20 years ago.

I, Rudi Gelper and owner of International Nautical Services, started the company in 1998.

Trough all those years, I gathered people around me with the same passion and enthusiasm for the job. 

In each and every assigment quality, independent advice and knowledge are key.

As a family owned business with so many years of experience, we can claim those values too.

We have 2 offices: one in Belgium and one in the Netherlands. But no worries if you or your ship is not in one of the two places. We work around the globe. Wherever your ship is, we go. There are few places on earth we haven't been. We know all the sensitivities in the countries, which is extra beneficial for you. 

Our expertise is build on our years of experience AND continuous learning and certification.

Our office in the Netherlands has the 'HISWA QUALIFIED YACHT SURVEYOR for delivery survey' certificate, we are sworn valuator for the court of commerce in Antwerp, Nautibel expert, EMCI registered yachtsurveyor and so much more.

Below the full list of certifications and labels:

  • HISWA Qualified Yacht Surveyor for delivery surveys

  • VRT Valuator

  • Sworn valuator of the court of commerce in Antwerpen

  • Nautiv member of experts

  • Nautibel expert

  • EMCI Registered Yachtsurveyor ®

  • EMCI Registered Marinesurveyor ®

  • EMCI delivery valuator ®

  • EMCI Maritime Mediator ®


  • Hiswa – ISO 10239

  • Certified gas inspector

  • Legal expert

Nederland - INS Nederland

Derde Hambaken 43
5231 SE ‘s Hertogenbosch
+31 (0)800 40 80 160

BTW NL 0240.957.787

KvK. 17132510

Belgie - INS EZ

Grimaldilaan 69
BE-2940 Stabroek
+32 (0)3 568 81 69

BTW NV BE0479076763
EZ BE0631597385